Design Engineering Services

Automation and process control have a scientific foundation but in some ways are still an art, based on experience, when it comes to implementation. Designing and implementing solutions that will have a positive impact on a business' bottom line requires a wide range of experience and abilities in this specialty engineering field as well as attention to detail. F&A offers experienced-based process control and automation engineering consulting services to assist the client in achieving desired goals.

Benefits include:

  • Automation and process control conceptualization, design, implementation and startup based on working experience with multiple industries and clients and knowledge of current standards and technologies
  • Augment client's staff with additional experience and expertise to accomplish specific projects

Process Automation and Control Engineering Services include:

Master Automation Plan (MAP)

  • Complete review of existing facility and process controls
  • Meet with owner's staff to establish future goals for automation and control
  • Develop a well-conceived plan to reach the desired automation and control goals for the facility that can serve as a vision and guide as various individual projects are implemented over the years towards those goals.
  • The MAP is a living document to be maintained and adjusted as goals and technology change, awlays representing the current automation vision for the facility.

Plan & Authorization ("Front End Loading (FEL)")

  • Process (new or existing)
    • Operating descriptions and procedures
    • Piping (Process) & Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Automation
    • Batch control
    • Higher Level Controls
    • Automation, or increased automation, of the manufacturing process
  • Process Control
    • System conceptualization and design
    • DCS (distributed control system)/PLC (programmable logic controller) specification & selection
    • Operator interface and control room requirements
    • Software specification and verification
    • Process safety/interlock systems
    • Control room / console / panel design
    • Rack (I/O) room / wiring termination design
  • Project Estimate
    • Assist with the estimation of antiicpated project costs

Detail Engineering, Construction, Commissioning

  • Instrumentation
    • Specification and selection
    • Application and installation requirements
  • Basic Process Control System (DCS/PLC) and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
    • Specification and selection
    • Application and installation requirements
    • Detailed functional requirements specification to guide and verify configuration
  • Packaged Systems
    • Detailed functional requirement specification for instrumentation and control systems that are part of packaged systems or are being provided as a sub-contract.
  • Electrical
    • Motor control centers
    • Variable speed drives
    • Control system power and grounding
  • Documentation
    • Construction, installation, and maintenance drawing development
    • Software and systems operating manuals
  • Information Databases
    • Process, instrument and electrical
  • Coordination with other engineers and/or companies on the project
  • Construction
    • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of control system and SIS
    • Construciton scope and specification
    • Contractor selection
    • Construction monitoring and oversight
  • Control System Verification, Commissioning & Startup
    • Simulation of the process and controls before startup
    • Site Acceptance Test (SAT) of control system and SIS
    • Site Integration Test (SIT)
    • Loop checkout and verification
    • Commissioning and startup of the control system
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