Manufacturing Assistance Services

Frequently, needs arise for manufacturing management to deal with issues in areas such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), operator interface, operating procedures, training, etc. that occur outside of the traditional capital improvement project. F&A has significant experience working directly with manufacturing personnel that can be leveraged by clients to deal with these challenges.

Benefits include:

  • Directly assist manufacturing management with challenges that can occur outside of a capital project.
  • Assistance in solving manufacturing related problems utilizing sound process control and automation principles and experience.
  • Experienced developer of operating procedures and operator training.

Assistance to Manufacturing Services include:

  • Working with company ERP systems
    • Higher level ERP systems require real time, reliable, and accurate data and control to function properly.
  • Operator interface
    • Make more information easily accessible so that operators can make informed decisions.
    • Improve presentation of information and access to controls by operators.
    • Reduce distractions to the operator (e.g. nuissance alarms, unnecessary colors/flashing, etc.)
  • Operating Procedures
    • Create/improve written operating procedures that provide details of plant operations and controls as required by the client and OSHA.
  • Problem Solving and Process Improvements
    • Focus on investigation of a specific control or automation problem (such as poorly performing controls, an unstable or unrepeatable process, production bottlenecks)
  • HAZOP Assistance
    • Assist in HAZOP review of the controls aspects of a process, including Layers of Protection Analysis.
  • Identification of Operations and Maintenance Training Needs
    • Determine training needs of operating and maintenance personnel and propose programs to meet those needs.
  • Instrument & Control Maintenance
    • Provide engineering support to assist maintenance with resolution to specific or long term problems.
    • Provide training in instrument and control troubleshooting.
  • Asset Management
    • Management of process control equipment assets including record keeping, calibration and maintenance.
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