Process Control, Safety & Automation Reviews

Experience with a wide range of control and automation systems in various industries can be effectively used to critically review and evaluate a client's systems. This review can identify problem areas, bottlenecks, dysfunctional monitoring and controls, and potential areas to reduce costs and improve desired performance.

Benefits include:

  • Impartial review of effectiveness of client's controls and automation.
  • Ability to evaluate implementations and make comparisons with current state of the art implementations.
  • Identification of possible operating improvements and cost savings.
  • Identification of instrumentation and control documentation.

Examples of Reviews

  • Documentation¬†Review
    • Up-to-date documentation is just one of many regulatory requirements today. It is also a necessary foundation for any project to be undertaken in a facility. In this review, the current documentation (e.g. P&IDs, control system) is compared with a review of the actual facility.
  • Process Control System Review
    • Ability of control loops to maintain the process at the desired setpoints.
    • Identify control loop tuning needed.
    • Identify dysfunctional loops or controls needing attention.
  • Automation Review
    • Ability of the control system to execute designed automation and determination of where additional automation could benefit the client.
  • Review Report
    • Detailed report of findings, problem areas, and possible improvements structured to clearly communicate specific findings and recommendations for consideration and use by the client.
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