Project Examples

The following represent a sampling of F&A projects:

  • Process Control Systems Engineering - for over 25 years, worked as an integral part of various chemical industry clients' project engineering staff, as project manager and as process control systems engineer on numerous projects. Projects were in various plant operating units and range from instrumentation to distributed control system, including: 
    • Automation of a batch blending facility using recipe control in a Distributed Control System (DCS).
    • Upgrade of the operator interface system for a DCS-controlled batch chemical facility.
    • Upgrade of a plastics extruder from PLC and panel-mounted instrumentation to a Distributed Control System (DCS).
    • Design and installation of instrumentation and controls for new process line to produce pelletized plastic, monitored and controlled by a DCS.
    • Design, program and install Safety Instrumented Systems for the safety interlocks of a continuous isocyanate plant and an ag-chem plant. 
    • Upgraded two boilers from pneumatic to electronic instrumentation and  DCS controls. Upgraded flame safety systems from relays to PLC and interfaced with DCS.
    • New batch polyurethane plant controlled by DCS. Worked directly with Production and Research to develop operating procedures and DCS programs for original and new products. Work included P&IDs, HAZOPs, construction monitoring, checkout and startup.
    • Expansion of and changes to a number of plant operating units, including new instrumentation and changes to the DCS and PLC control systems.
    • Upgrade of several DCS-based control systems to current technology.
    • Planning for a centralized control room for the operation of 5 plant operating units.
    • Major expansion of ag-chem facility.
  • Engineering Standards and Best Practices Development - developed instrumentation and controls standards and engineering procedures/guidelines for specific projects and for the engineering departments of various companies. Also developed engineering procedures and guidelines to aid client's in-house engineers and designers in the design and implementation of automation, control and instrumentation projects. This included incorporation of applicable national standards such as ANSI/ISA.
  • Master Automation Plans - developed conceptual master plans for automation of various sites. This then serves as a vision or future goal and as a guidepost for use by projects implementing incremental automation steps towards that goal. Without these plans, separate automation projects  conducted at the same site may not be following the same path or moving towards the same goal.

  • Process Control Systems Engineering - developed P&IDs to reflect the current plant, formulated a scope for plant automation projects, conceptualized the automation, and developed the detailed design for this chemical manufacturer. Developed instrumentation and control standards for the plant and designed and developed a complete database for all equipment, instrumentation, and DCS/PLC I/O. Responsible for all design implementation and construction, including scope and contractor interface. Participated in startup and commissioning.
  • Control Systems for Plastics Extruder - development of design and installation of a  DCS, instrumentation, and motor control center for a new plastics extrusion and compounding facility. Developed detail design and construction scopes, responsible for all technical interface with and monitoring of the contractor, and directed checkout and startup of the control system. 
  • Customized Training  - develop and conduct customized training courses for the engineering, operating and maintenance staff of various chemical manufacturers in the fundamentals of process control and troubleshooting instrumentation and control systems and how those principles can be applied in the client's plant to realize improvements.  Also, instructor and course reviewer for ISA.
  • Process Control Ssystems Lead for Ag-Chem Plant Expansion - led a team of engineers in the engineering and design of the instrumentation and control system through to loop check and startup.
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