Training Services

From learning about a newly installed control system to understanding process control technology, there is a continual need for proper training. F&A offers generalized courses in the design, operation and maintenance of control systems and develops customized courses to meet specific client needs. These courses can be designed for client's engineering, operations, maintenance and/or management staff.

Benefits include:

  • Experienced instructor with over 25 years of developing and conducting training programs for thousands of individuals.
  • Instructor for ISA - International Society of Automation.
  • Courses based on relevant industry working experience and knowledge of applicable industry standards/regulations.
  • Customized to clients' particular training needs.
  • Timing and location as desired by the client.

Training Services

Specialized Courses

  • Developed to meet particular client needs

General Courses

  • Fundamentals of Process Measurement and Control
  • Troubleshooting Measurement and Control Systems

On or Off-Site

  • Courses can be conducted at the client's site or off site

ISA Control Systems Technician Certification

  • Provide training and guidance to those preparing for this national certification program.

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